Digging around on the internet for Grenada news it can often seem as if there isn’t much to chose from if you’re looking for anything other than entertainment-related information.

But over the last few months there have been a few blogs that keep on cropping up on our radar with original, high-quality pieces of content about Grenada. We thought we’d share a few but do let us know if there are others you think we should be following too!

1.Groundation Grenada

Groundation Grenada

This blog is one that has got people talking ever since its launch in 2009. We get the feeling that this site is perhaps bigger abroad than at home but with its ever increasing shift from online debate towards face-to-face events and the creation of public spaces the balance is surely set to change.

Groundation Grenada defines itself as “a social action collective which focuses on the use of creative media to assess the needs of our communities, raise consciousness and act to create positive radical growth”.

What we find original about the blog is the fact that the issues raised and the quality of writing it publishes are unparalleled in the digital space. Where else on the web can you find a content mix including critical reflections on performance art , historical analysis of human rights in Grenada non-partisan debate of the island’s political situation? Ignore this site at your peril!

2. Petite Anse

Petite Anse Grenada blog

While the global tourism industry is increasingly harnessing the power of social media to increase user engagement and drive up book the trend seems to be taking a little longer to catch on in Grenada. While a number of hotels have blogs much of the content is rather bland and could’ve been written anywhere.

Not so Petite Anse. The charming little boutique hotel, situated just outside of Sauteurs, celebrates the fact that it’s off the beaten track by providing a wealth of information to travellers seeking a more authentic experience in the north of the island.

The blog has only been up and running since October 2013 but posts cover everything from an interview with the hotel’s Grenada-born chef to travel tips and reviews of the best beaches St Patricks has to offer.

3. The Cocoa Future Farming Initiative (CFFI) blog


CFFI is the nonprofit organization linked to the newly-opened Diamond chocolate factory in Victoria, St Marks. It works to raise awareness and money to help the cocoa farmers of Grenada and I works closely with the Grenada Cocoa Association (GCA).

Since, what seems like, day one CFFI has been tirelessly documenting its work, letting readers into the behind the scenes processes and raising the profile of the cocoa growers who both support and benefit from the organisation’s work.

If you know nothing about cocoa then this blog provides the perfect introduction to everything from grafting techniques to the importance of quality composting. It’s far more interesting than we’re making it sound here, thanks in large part to the great story-telling and delightful photos, so check it out and while you’re at it buy a cocoa tree to support the cause!

4. Grenada Action Forum

Grenada Action Forum

The wealth of material contained on the site is impeccable. The informed and intelligent discussion of topics ranging from the nation’s epic level of debt to the environmental damage being caused by sand mining and the destruction of Carriacou’s mangroves offers an insight into new perspectives on the nation’s development. We just wish it were updated more regularly…

5. Pure Grenada Blog

Pure Grenada_Blog

On those depressing days in which it feels as if winter will never end then there is nothing more joyful than a spot of internet escapism on the Grenada Grenadines blog. In just a few clicks you can be transported from a cold and dreary

From travel news and updates to the details of the latest restaurant openings this site will have you hunting for a flight in no time at all. This post about Grenada’s Chocolate Festival from August 18 – 24 has already got us dreaming…



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