Luxury chocolatiers  Rococo are a shining example of how global partnerships can benefit innovative startups in Grenada.

When Rococo’s owners first tasted chocolate made by the Grenada Chocolate Company it was love at first bite. In 2004 they travelled to Grenada to make a chocolate documentary with filmmaker Eti Peleg and the trip became the start of an instrumental relationship with Mott, Edmond and Doug who founded the Grenada Chocolate Company in 1999.

Last Saturday the company was awarded the ‘Grenadian Ruby Award 2014’ for outstanding contribution to business development for the benefit of Grenada, as part of the island’s 40th Independence Anniversary celebrations in London.

Rococo’s Chairman, James Booth, is currently in Grenada for a month on secondment with the Grenadian company and you get a strong sense of what the partnership between the two companies means in practical terms by reading the latest updates on the London-based company’s blog.

In an informal and entertaining series of blog posts Booth details how he’s getting stuck in to a number of tasks which range from setting up a clear profit and loss ledger for the business which will help bolster its sustainability as well as getting involved with the logistics of the Chocolate Rush project which aims to bring chocolate to neighbouring islands on the GCC catamaran.

It’s refreshing to see a company giving such a detailed account of its activities. From the meetings with partners such as Shadel Nyack-Compton, owner of the Belmont Estate to photos of the women who wrap the chocolate in its distinctive packaging, this behind the scenes insight gives readers a real sense of what both Rococo and the GCC are about and the individuals who contribute to producing each delicious bar. It all adds to giving the consumers who will ultimately purchase the goods a sense of buying into a luxury brand that is not just a product, it’s an experience.

If Grenada is serious about attracting a high-end market through offering bespoke and luxury goods and services the Rococo GCC partnership provides a perfect case study in how to win an audience over with engaging content about a brand to the mutual benefit of both parties.



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  1. The article “Luxury chocolatiers, a shining example….” is an excellent piece, profiling Rococo with just the right highlights.
    I have had a privileged view of the company’s development and its top-market positioning motivated by a love of the product and a humane sense of quality for quality’s sake. And certainly, a case of luxury without arrogance. A significant contribution to the quality of life in London, Grenada and elsewhere.

    1. Hi Nicholas, thanks for taking the time out to comment! We’re glad you liked the piece. From your experience how unique is Rococo’s approach to building relationships with producers and suppliers?

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