We’re more than a quarter of the way through this year’s countdown of the 40 change-makers, aged below 40, in Grenada and the diaspora.

It’s a good point at which to be a little more transparent about our approach to putting this list together; how do you know that this site doesn’t just feature our friends, family or, worse, individuals who have bought their way onto the list?

In the run up to launching the project, a good few months of planning went into seeking out and engaging young Grenadians at home and in the diaspora who were making a significant impact in their respective fields. We did this in order to launch with the sort of content that would illustrate of the calibre of talent Grenada 40 seeks to promote.

But the most exciting and invaluable aspect has been the nominations sent in by you. Our readers have been fantastic at pointing us in the direction of both the established and rising stars whose work deserves to be championed.

In the coming months we hope to feature many more of the names you have suggested but please continue to send us your suggestions as there’s always next year’s 40 to think about!

Nominations to date:

  • Akima Paul Lambert
  • Amanda Seales
  • Asher Mains
  • Calvin Charles (Grenada MokoJumbie)
  • Davon Benjamin (Entrepreneur; Photographer; Owner of http://spiceklyn.com/)
  • Donnell Best
  • Dwain D. Thomas – amazing photographer on Grenada
  • Gary Stephen
  • Hayden Bethelmy
  • Jessie-Ann Jessamy
  • John and Jason James from Xpert Studios and Palm Tree Vybz in Carriacou
  • Keisha Blain
  • Kered Clement
  • Kizzi Belfon
  • KizzyAnn Abraham
  • Mikey Hutchinson
  • Ms. Tamara Prosper aka Tambran by Tamara
  • Ms.K. Andrews
  • Oreoluwa Cherebin
  • Orlando Kijana Romain
  • Rachel Oneika Phillips
  • Richie Maitland
  • Roggie Reason, MD
  • Ruel Edwards
  • Sonika Mckie
  • Teddy Frederick

If there are people you know deserve to be featured, check out the criteria and please do send us your nominations.



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