Stumbled across a post on the fantastic Caribbean lifestyle blog Designer Island that so perfectly captures the essence of Grenada that we had to share it with you.

“A few days in Grenada leave only impressions like snapshots taken from a speeding vehicle. There is just enough time for your eye to click the shutter and capture the image, but not enough to really understand the world around you.

Grenada seems like the Caribbean we only see in postcards. There are no high-rise buildings and nothing is built higher than a coconut tree. Each scene is a photograph: roads wind along coastlines, empty turquoise beaches frame the perimeter and nooks and coves gleam with shiny black volcanic sand.”

Designer Island is inspired by everything about island life. The landscape, the food, and the creatives and makers working in photography, design, art, fashion, food and literature. The founders aims are to expand the idea of who we really are as a Caribbean people.

“We want to show our Caribbean as we know it. It’s the way we live, work, play, create and think all through the eyes of creatives living on an island,” the site explains. We’re sure you’ll agree that they deliver this and much much more!



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