What is Grenada 40?

Grenada 40 is a movement to inspire change. We amplify the voices of young innovators, changemakers and influencers at home and in the diaspora. Our vision is to see Grenadians empowered to effectively harness the island’s greatest natural resource – its people at home and abroad – to achieve positive social and economic change.

Why do we need to improve the way we engage with the next generation?

Grenadians at home and abroad have to take ownership of shaping the country’s future. The island is heavily indebted and traditional aid sources to the Caribbean are drying up. This means there’s an even greater need for innovation to create opportunities and alternative ways to drive social and economic change on our island. This aim of this platform is to champion the generation who are out there making change happen.

How did this project come about?

We launched the first version of this platform in 2014 to coincide with the anniversary of the island’s fortieth year of independence. The historic year provided the perfect opportunity to profile and champion the emerging generation of change-makers.

Over 12 months we profiled a talented and exciting array of young Grenadians who were making a definitive impact within their chosen field. The aim was that, in celebrating the young stars (on the island and among the diaspora), we would share their inspiring stories and build a network of Grenadian influencers who are willing to share their skills and talents.

Did the project achieve its aim to make a positive social impact?

Sort of. Our biggest success was convincing such an impressive array of people to take the time to share their stories with us. Because they got what the project was about and, at the time, there wasn’t really anything else out there like it. The project gained an international following, attracting the attention from the likes of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Comic Relief and the Queens Leaders.

Yet while the attention was flattering and the thousands of likes on social media certainly looked good, we’d failed to do what we set out to do. There was an awkward gap between our storytelling and action that would prompt change.

Why is it still called Grenada ‘40’?

Good question! The project/movement remains Grenada 40 for two reasons:

i) Because youth voices matter

We strongly motivated Firmly about Grenada has a  young population but underrepresented. If we were going to stand for anything it was giving a greater voice to youth to express the brilliance, hopes, needs and desire in equal measure. Youth are at best marginalised and at worst demonised as a problem that can’t be fixed. For us, this perspective is not only flawed but also represents a missed opportunity to benefit from the passion, vibrancy and energy that youth can bring to bear on issues relating to social change.

ii) Because 40 represents change

Forty is a powerful number. It represents transition and change; the concept of renewal; a new beginning. So we’re sticking with these two digits encapsulate everything we’re trying to achieve with this site.