What is Grenada 40?

2014, the fortieth anniversary year of Grenada’s independence provides a great opportunity to profile and champion the emerging generation of young change-makers. Over 12 months we will profile 40 young Grenadians who have made a definitive impact within their field. In celebrating the young stars (on the island and among the diaspora) we hope to share their inspirational stories and to also build a network of Grenadian influencers who are willing to share their skills and talents.

Why Grenada 40?

Grenadians at home and abroad have to take ownership of shaping the country’s future. The island is heavily indebted, traditional aid sources to the Caribbean are drying up. This means there’s an even greater need for innovation to create opportunities and alternatives ways to drive social and economic change on this island. This aim of this platform is to champion the young people who are out there making it happen. Our vision is to see Grenadians empowered to effectively harness the island’s greatest natural resource – its people at home and abroad – to achieve positive social and economic change.

Who runs Grenada 40?

At the moment just me (but I’m on the hunt for comrades). I’m a communications strategist and work with clients in the field of International Development. My first start-up was a political accountability campaign and as a journalist I’ve written for The Guardian, New Internationalist, BBC, Rolling Stone magazine and many others. While I was born in London my roots are 100% Grenadian; Belair, St Andrews and Mt Craven, St Patricks to be precise.