Grenada’s art scene is undergoing somewhat of a renaissance. From the collaboration between ARC magazine and Groundation Grenada to the art shows at the National Museum, the conversation about the place of the arts in Grenada continues to grow.

The island has only one art school, no national gallery (only private ones) and limited government funds to support creative projects yet the number of artists who live and work in Grenada is surprisingly high. And the new generation of Grenadian creatives is becoming increasingly vocal about their desire to succeed in forging a space in which their talent can be supported and recognised.

Among this collective of New Grenadian Artists is Teddy Frederick, a young man who is fast making a name for himself. Last December the national museum hosted Frederick’s “Floatography” show. A review in Now Grenada declared, “Teddy has elevated the standard and expectations of young artists in Grenada.”

Despite the fact that he is thousands of miles away from the world’s art centres and their happening art scenes it seems distance is no barrier to his ambition.When asked to recommend the best tools or technology aspiring artists should invest in to create their works of art his response is, “the best camera to use is the camera you have.”

Just last year Frederick received a TechLink Caribbean Tech Innovation Awards for his contribution to promoting local content creation through photography. The awards, which recognize the digital innovations and technology pioneers working to build the Caribbean’s technical community and create quality local digital content, were presented by the executive director of the BrightPath Foundation an organisation aiming to inspire communities through technology.

In celebrating the award winners he said, “We believe their stories and their achievements can serve as a powerful inspiration to others in the region.” It’s a sentiment that most definitely applies to Teddy Frederick.

The Q&A
Tell us a bit about yourself – what’s your background, how would your friends describe you?

Teddy Frederick, a self-taught contemporary artist from the island of Grenada. My artistic mediums of choice lie primarily with acrylics and mixed media. I have formal education in the visual arts but am currently pursuing a career in cinematography. My friends would describe me as creative, artistic and daring.

What inspires you?

To me, to perceive something that is commonly identified by everyone within one dimension and then construct an idea around that thing. To forge a template in your mind for how you are going to redesign all the factors that make this perception what it is and then revolutionize it into a work of art. To succeed at turning it into something that the common perception would not have otherwise considered it to be is what inspires me.

What are the key actions you think should be taken to widen the opportunities so that more young people can succeed as creative artists in Grenada?

For more to be invested in the area of art and art-related projects so that young people can feel a sense of working towards something, rather just creating content for the sake of love.

What’s the worst piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Get a real job and forget this art.

If you could commit to changing one issue in Grenada, what would it be?

The perception of art and art-related fields.

Where’s your favourite place to relax in Grenada?

My art gallery which is currently located at the Grenada National Museum. The idea of having an artistic space where by I can create, think and just free up for the sake of art makes me feel fulfilled.



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