Help champion a new generation of game-changers; the young Grenadians making a positive social impact through their work. This criteria for this list, which will grow week by week, is about more than fame or wealth. What Grenada 40 celebrates is the influence these fantastic individuals have achieved.

The definition ‘Grenadian’ is flexibly applied. For us, it refers to Grenadian citizens and residents as well as those of Grenadian parentage who are among the diaspora. Such a broad definition does have its faults, but we have to start somewhere.

We’re looking to celebrate youth, so those profiled need to be below 40 years of age by 7 February 2014. The hope is that this movement will grow to get sufficient support to enable the Grenada 40 to become an annual event so if your favourite person doesn’t make it this year, there is still hope! So get in touch, send us your nominations and forward this to others who you think might want to apply.